Summary Report: Turkey’s attacks on North and East Syria (NES) 22 November 2022

RIC's new summary report covers the latest developments within Turkey's bombardment of NES, including recent drone strikes and targeting of basic infrastructure. Download the report here

Turkey’s Aerial Assault on North and East Syria – 19/20 November 2022

RIC's summary report covers the key events within Turkey's recent aerial bombardment of NES on the 19th and 20th of November 2022. Download the report here.  

Jóvenes promesas: Una introducción al sistema universitario del NES

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Descargar Ante la guerra y el aislamiento regional, la Administración Autónoma del Norte y Este de Siria (AANES) ha construido en su territorio una red de universidades para rivalizar con las instituciones de producción de conocimiento…

September Sleeper Cell Report – information gained through ‘Operation Humanity and Security’ helps SDF uncover huge ISIS weapons cache

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SDF anti-terror units conduct a raid in Heseke. Key points ‘Operation Humanity and Security’ concluded in al-Hol camp, with a further 105 arrests, following on from the 121 people already arrested during the operation in August.  …

An interview with the Armenian Social Council in Qamishlo

What is your name? What is your job and the work of the Armenian Council? Kohar Khajadourian (co-chair of the Armenian Social Council in Qamishlo): We have been working for seven years for this council. After 3 years the General Council was…

Young and Promising: An Introduction to the NES University System

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In the face of war and regional isolation, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) has constructed a network of universities on its territory in order to rival the knowledge-production institutions of the Syrian government.…

August Sleeper Cell Report: rising threat level in Hol camp prompts ‘Operation Humanity and Security’

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Asayish during 'Operation Humanity and Security'. The ongoing ‘Operation Humanity and Security’ in Hol camp yielded 121 arrests in the month of August. Outside of Hol camp, sleeper cell attacks and casualties increased slightly…

A Month on from Tehran – Turkish Attacks from 19/7-18/8/2022

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0 People Killed 0 People Injured 0 Civilians Killed 0 Civilians Injured 0 Drone Attacks On the 19th of July, 2022, a meeting between the heads of state of Turkey, Iran and Russia took place…

Parteiisch, aber unabhängig

Original article published on taz.die tageszeitung by Christopher Wimmer on 7 March 2022. QAMIşLO taz | „Manchmal haben wir keinen Strom oder kein Internet, regelmäßig kommt es zu Schießereien. Das ist zwar meist nichts Großes, aber…

The SNA Encyclopedia: A Guide to the Turkish Proxy Militias

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Download the full report here. This report is a compilation of open-source information about the current state of the SNA militias active in the Turkish-occupied territories of Syria (as of August 2022). It updates the already existing…