Who we are

Rojava Information Center (RIC) is an independent, volunteer-staffed organisation based in North East Syria. RIC has assisted reporters and researchers from all leading international newspapers, websites and news sources with their work, including: BBC, CNN, ITV, NBC, Fox News, ABC and Al Jazeera; New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times; Die Welt, Die Zeit, El Pais, El Monde, Corriere Della Sera: TFI, France 24, ZDF, ARD, DW, ARTE; Associated Press, AFP, DPA, EFE, ANSA; and many other national and international news sources.

RIC’s volunteer staff is made up of international journalists and media activists who traveled to North and East Syria with the aim of sharing our skills in a region which has only enjoyed the benefits of a free press since its liberation from the control of the Assad regime in 2012. Our team also includes local staff members, who share their time, skills, experience and first-hand knowledge of the region.

There is a lack of clear and objective reporting on Rojava, and journalists are often unable to make contact with ordinary civilians and people on the ground.

So we set up the RIC to fill this gap. We aim to provide journalists, researchers and the general public with accurate, well-sourced, transparent information.

We work in partnership with civil and political institutions, journalists and media activists across the region to get journalists the information they need and put them in touch with the peoples of North and East Syria, as well as publishing our own reports, dossiers and databases.

Services for journalists:

  • Set up interviews with ordinary civilians, representatives of local organisations, members of the military structures (SDF/YPG/YPJ) and international volunteers in Rojava
  • Advise journalists who wish to travel to Rojava on what steps to take
  • Provide exclusive photos and video from on the ground
  • Corroborate information in breaking-news situations
  • Propose stories, leads and contacts to journalists wanting to cover the region
  • Translate Kurdish material into all world languages

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