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The Occupied areas are heating up- Reconciliation and ongoing protests

Summary:  Background: For almost 10 years, public diplomatic relationships between Turkiye and Syria have been non-existent. Turkiye decided in 2012 to break all diplomatic ties with Syria, following the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, officially citing the brutal repression of the popular demonstrations by the Assad government as the reason. On August 11th 2022, […]

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May Sleeper Cell Report – ISIS Ramps Up Attacks on Oil Targets

Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) and the Anti-Terror Units (YAT) Commando Forces in eastern Raqqa city (YPJ Media Center) Key points In-depth In May, RIC was able to record 23 confirmed ISIS sleeper cell attacks, all of which occurred in the Deir ez-Zor canton. ISIS attacks in May killed 7 military personnel and injured 7, and […]

Translation: Administrative Divisions Law

In preparation for the forthcoming municipal elections in NES, planned for 11th of June, 2024, the DAANES passed a new law defining the administrative divisions of the NES region. This follows the DAANES’ publication of the new Social Contract in December 2023. Interestingly, in the law, the cities of Azaz, al-Bab and Jarablus are included […]


Translation: Municipal Elections Law 2024

In anticipation of the forthcoming municipal elections in NES, planned for 11th of June 2024, DAANES passed a new law explaining the election process. The elections have been called in accordance with the publication of the New Social Contract in December 2023. Municipal Elections Law Law No. 5 of 2024 This legislation outlines the fundamental […]

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Upcoming elections, the new Social Contract and political system changes – interview with Kobane Autonomous Administration officials.

In December 2023, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAANES) approved and published its much-anticipated updated Social Contract, based on “democratic, environmental, societal and women’s freedom”. Amongst the reforms included was a re-structuring of the municipal and council system, as well as a stated plan to hold elections at various administrative levels. […]