Annual Report of the Executive Council for North and East Syria – 2020

Our translation of the Annual Report of the Executive Council for North and East Syria – 2020

Annual report of the Executive Council for Northern and Eastern Syria

Events and work carried out during the year:

1- At the administrative and organizational levels:

  • 10 laws were completed and approved by the general council and two of them are still under discussion. (civil society law + media law).
  •  Establish offices : child protection – Office of justice and reform – Coordinated universities –  Office of administrative services .
  • Study and prepare numerical titles for all administrative institutions and nominal regulations and categories and job descriptions and all internal regulations of all executive boards have also been prepared in self- administrative and civil administrative in preparation for the application of the Uniform Employment Act (that will apply soon).
  • Increase in salaries of self- administration personnel by (108-150) %.
  • Preparation and completion of the general budget for 2020 depending on the financial potential of the Department.

2- In the area of Health:

  • Securing oxygen plants in self- administration and civil administration.
  • Prepare quarantine sites to respond to and support Virus Corona as necessary.
  • Establishment of a central PCR laboratory and its support with medical equipment and human resources.
  • Insurance X-ray machine (Arc constant) with medical equipment and supplies for some public hospitals.
  • Provision of medicines and medical supplies to all bodies and committees in all   administrations. 
  • Rehabilitation of a central warehouse for medicines and medical supplies.
  • Establishment of a laboratory for scientific research in self- administration areas.
  • Beginning with the rehabilitation of public hospitals in self-administration areas ( Hajin hospital – Abo hamam – AL shadadi ).
  • Support to departmental health committees by ambulance.
  • Buying (85) vents and distribution to health committees.
  • Consolidation of the health system in all self- administration areas.

3- In the area of Services, infrastructure and environment:

serialProject name number of projects
1Restoration bridges and roads280
2The roads are paved with gravel and broken stone.585
3Asphalting roads86
4Extension and maintenance of water systems394
5Rehabilitation a dumpster3
6Rehabilitation water plants14
7Extension and maintenance of sanitation systems200
8Establishment ovens12
9Implementation of street lighting systems53
10Environmental projects30
11Drilling wells to secure drinking water5

-In addition:

1- Procurement of engineering mechanisms for service committees in all


2- Delivery of drinking water to Al-Hasakah City.

3- Khabur water was dragged from Hamah Lake to Al-Hasakah City.

4- Launch of an oil refinery project to produce oil derivatives according to global

    specifications, including wafer asphalt.

5- Maintenance and rehabilitation of the Tishrin Dam Road – AL Raqqa and the

    road of AL Raqqa – AL Hasakeh.

6- /271,605/ trees have been planted in various Autonomous Administration areas.

7-  opening and Rehabilitation /178/ gardens.

8- Establishment and processing of /10/ environmental nurseries and they’re  

    equipped with plastic houses with /78510/ stitches and seeds.

9- Construction /14/ Traffic Circles

10- distribution /630/ Dump for trash.

4- In the area of economics, agriculture, energy and dams:

  • Power delivery for a number of cooperative societies in Deir Al- Zor.
  • Electricity generation for the 2020 dams is estimated at 3,390,000,000 k.watt spread between the AL FORAT Dam, the AL HORIA Dam and the TISHRIN Dam.
  • Extension of Electrical Line /20 k.v/ networks to Abo Racin.
  • Extension of an electrical grid in five districts of Kobani City.
  • Power feed the (old Raqqa) and create a tension line to feed the north of the track.
  • Regenerating low networks and creating new low networks in AL-Tabqa .
  • Activating the 7/km station and the Shahel station and delivering electricity to the entire rural west of Deir AL-Zor. And some villages are in the eastern countryside.
  • Implementation of the service line for irrigation plants (AL wdyan1+2 AL swidya) to secure electricity for both agricultural irrigation plants and drinking water in AL-Tabqa with the plants processed for the Agriculture season 2020/2021.
  • Maintenance of the Khabur Irrigation ditch at Deir Al-Zour.
  • Maintenance of the main channels of the pilot project, the Middle AL Furat, the AL Hashm Well and AL Bleekh.
  • Settlement of agricultural roads spread over /20/ sites about /100/ km long and opening of the /15/ km long Boacer Road.
  • Growing /4000/ olive trees in AL Mizgeft protected.
  • Processing of a maize dryer in Qamishlo, Raqqa and Deir AL-Zor.
  • Upgrade milling lines in the central mills in AL-Tabqa and add /6/ lines to increase flour quality and productivity.
  • Start with auto-oven rehabilitation in AL-Tabqa.
  • Work on /6/ furnaces and yeast lab in AL-Jazera territory.
  • Creation and processing of /51/ distribution center for bread in AL-Jazera territory.
  • Fully equip /4/ cells for silos and work to rehabilitate /5/ cells by absorbing /1000/ tons per cell in Manbij.
  • Maintenance and processing of Abu Asi  silos in AL-Tabqa and processing of metal silos in the kabash, shanina AL-Tabqa and /7/ km warehouses in Deir AL-Zor.
  • Installation of a mill in Deir AL-Zor.
  • Production of /6821/ M3 crushed cement from Shams AL-Furat  cement factory in AL-Raqqa for the Committee on Agriculture and Irrigation Projects in AL- Raqqa.
  • Plant oil plant processing and final stages, to be inaugurated shortly.
  • Rehabilitation of drift cages for fisheries.
  • Establishment of the AL Bayad Chicken Project in AL-Furat territory.
  • Poultry Processing Plant Abo Qabea.
  • Delivery of Internet service via optical cable in Deir AL-Zor and Raqqa and Delivery to other departments during the first quarter of 2021.
  • Buying wheat, barley and maize.
  • Securing and distributing subsidized seeds and all agricultural inputs, including fertilizers, medicines and pesticides and distributed to farmers.
  • Processing of a laboratory in six different departments (agricultural, human, pharmaceutical, environmental, ….).
  • Opening of consumer enterprises in all regions of the administration of more than /16/centres .
  • Follow-up on market control financing irregularities.
  • Opening of an export door for cotton crops.

5- In the area of culture, tourism and antiquities:

  • Documentation of religious, historical and archaeological shrines.
  • Preparation of a statistical report of archaeological sites in northern and eastern Syria in both Arabic and English.
  • Launch of the Damage Assessment and Emergency Intervention Project in Raqqa and completion of the first phase of training for personnel on protection and documentation.
  • Restoration of the Mission House in KHasham in AL-Jazera and other archaeological sites.
  • Photo and documentation of attacks by Turkish occupier on all archaeological sites in AL-Furat territory.
  • AL Mitan festival in Afrin, including theatrical performances and photographs.
  • First Peace Festival for Childhood in AL-Tabqa .
  • Opening of the first shopping festival in Raqqa.
  • Opening of the Folklore Music and Song Festival in Raqqa under the banner “Raqqa is a renewed hope”.
  • Opening of the Haracol Book Fair – Women’s Art and Literature Festival – Lilon Film Festival in Afrin.
  • Quarterly issue year-round after /6/ thousand copies.

6- In the area of social affairs, Labour and camps:

  • Support to camps for displaced persons in all areas of the administration.
  • Opening of educational centres for children in camps and medical points.
  • Expansion of Tel Saman, Al-Araisha and Roj camp and establishment of Camp Vanguard for Sari kanye displaced persons.
  • Medical assistance (treatment and medicine) for /924.4/ people and /343/ surgeries for martyrs’ families.
  • /19304/ In-kind or financial assistance to families of martyrs.
  • Financial assistance to /7434/ children of martyrs in the amount of 148,560,000 SYP.
  • Financial assistance to 3806 children of martyrs as scholarship in the amount of 191,125,000 SYP.
  • The number of camps to /15/ and the number of displaced persons in these camps was /757,121/ forming /29,221/ families.
  • Construction and restoration of houses for families of martyrs.
  • Provision of supplies for families of martyrs.
  • Continuing to remove displaced persons from Al-Hol camp at their will and on the basis of a decision of the Executive Council.
  • Licensing of /169/ organizations.

7- In the area of youth and sports:

  1. Expansion of the Youth Studio in AL-Jazera territory.
  2. Restoration of /3/ youth development centres.
  3. Opening a gym and setting up a physical power gym, volleyball gym and basketball gym.
  4. Processing a sports facility.
  5. Construction of /4/ dirt fields, preparation of /3/ lush fields and maintenance of /7/ playgrounds.
  6. Municipal pool restoration in Raqqa.
  7. Establishment of cultural and health training courses.
  8. Festivals, clubs, league matches and Martons.
  9. Awareness-raising campaigns, activities, marches and demonstrations.

8- In the area of women’s work:

  1. Opening of a women’s protection house.
  2. Opening of six kindergartens in various administration.
  3. Opening of three Daycare Centers.
  4. Opening of a fruit complex, a monastery complex and a detergent plant.
  5. Opening of Manual Works Operator.
  6. Establishment a plastic  houses.

9- In the area of religious and religious affairs:

  1. Opening of an academy in Al-Hasakah province.
  2. Investment of a chicken farm.
  3. Restoration of a mosque and a church in AL-Raqqa.
  4. Restoration of the religious institution in Deir AL-Zor.
  5. Building two institutes to preserve the Qur’an in Manbij.
  6. Shrine Al-Sheikh Al-Nurani Archaeological Restoration in Manbij.

10- In the area of Education, higher education and universities:

  1. Universities have been separated from the Education and Coordinating Organization of Universities and directly linked to the Executive Council.
  2. In addition to the University of Roj Ava, which has eight faculties, four institutes, The University of Kobani, which has two colleges and one institute, is preparing for the opening of the University of AL Sharq in Raqqa This is through the rehabilitation of the Faculty of Science building. The University has two College and one Institute in principle.
  3. Construction of three new schools.
  4. Restoration /152/ damaged schools.
  5. Printing of UNICEF and self-management platforms.
  6. Printing and distributing all school records to all schools.
  7. Giving On-Line Lessons in Prohibition Because of the Corona Pandemic.
  8. Distribution of heating fuel to all schools free of charge.
  9.  Guards have been assigned to protect schools.

11- In the area of justice and reform:

  • Establishment of three rooms and a lecture hall for Kobani Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Securing all necessary supplies for most reconciliation centres (Refrigerators, air conditioning and automatic towels).
  • Equipment of dental clinics in correction and rehabilitation centres.
  • Medical equipment and medicines for rehabilitation centres.
  • Establishment of a rehabilitation centre in AL-Jazera.
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of reform centres on a permanent basis.
  • Removal from the General Council of two batches of prisoners under amnesty.

12-  hydrocarbon:

  • Quantity of fuel distributed for services and transport, industry and agriculture offices = ( 1,052,884,026 ) which equals /4,785,836/ barrels of fuel.
  • Fuel distribution for /10,271/ families of martyrs with /19974/ barrels.
  • Distribution of /20,845/ barrels of fuel to schools free of charge.
  • Providing needed fuels to displaced families in camps.
  • Distribution /3,991,656/ gas cylinders.
  • Distribution of heating fuel during the winter season to all families at /440/ liters per family.

13-In the area of media:

  • preparation the draft of media law.
  • Standardized press card issuance.
  • Renewal of media licensing.
  • Announcing a competition to hire editors to work on the administration’s official website.
  • Held a dialogue forum with Shar organization on the mechanism for implementing the media law.
  • Coverage of all self- administration activities.
  • Support the media channels.
  • Opening of AL- Raqqa Media channel.

14-In the area of security and stability:

In order to ensure the security for the citizen, the Internal Authority, in all its sections, has been able to:

  • Detection of /641/ sleeper cells.
  • Dismantling /155/ IED.
  • Detection of /190/ cases of forgery of papers and documents.
  • Detection of /74/ cases of counterfeiting of currency.
  • /402/ smuggling human case.
  • /45/  cases of administrative corruption.
  • /153/ murder.
  • /865/ robbery.
  • /28/ case of rape.
  • /183/ Drug trafficking.
  • /190/ smugglers of antiques case.
  • Custody / 912/ weapons.

-In addition:

  • Support the Internal Security Forces with all necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Organization, standardization and development of transport operations.
  • Opening of special academies for the training and training of internal security forces in all its functions.
  • Opening of several security courses.

15- In the area of Humanitarian Affairs and  organizations:

  • Follow-up and licensing of organizations and associations in self-administration areas as follows:
  • Files first received number/ 83/.
  • Renewal                  number/ 55/.
  • Licensed /125/.
  • pending issues number /32/.
  • Joint working document/ 8/.

 financial report

Oil Revenue, Customs and Agricultural Development Corporation145,079,023,367 SYP
Public expenditures for the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria50,787,903,265 SYP
Provincial expenditures include salaries199,308,425,026 SYP
Expenditures of regions without salaries42,167,856,077 SYP
Income provincial15,310,554,201 SYP
Salary mass157,140,568,949 SYP
Total income160,389,577,568 SYP
Total expenditures with salaries250,096,328,291 SYP
Total expenditure without salaries92,955,759,342 SYP

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