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Parteiisch, aber unabhängig

Original article published on taz.die tageszeitung by Christopher Wimmer on 7 March 2022. QAMIşLO taz | „Manchmal haben wir keinen Strom oder kein Internet, regelmäßig kommt es zu Schießereien. Das ist zwar meist nichts Großes, aber…

The Rojava Revolution – A Decade On

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Part I History of the Revolution: Much Achieved, Still Much to be Done 1. Introduction The ‘Rojava Revolution’ began exactly ten years ago, on July 19th 2012, when three predominantly Kurdish-inhabited areas of Syria declared their…

State of the Occupation Q4 2021: Infighting Reaches All Time High During the Fall as War Looms

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Download the full report here. RIC’s quarterly report on the state of the Turkish occupation in Northern Syria tracks human rights violations and crimes committed by Turkey and Turkish-backed SNA groups in the occupied regions of Afrin…

Sleeper-Cell Report: Number of attacks increase but are less deadly, only one killing in Hol Camp

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An ISIS attack east of Raqqa led to the death of female Asayish officer Siham al-Shanan Key facts During the month of April, 40 sleeper cell attacks happened across North and East Syria. This represents a significant rise in attacks as…

Hidden Battlefields: Rehabilitating ISIS Affiliates and Building a Democratic Culture in Their Former Territories

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  You can download the full report here. A “general amnesty” for all Syrian nationals held in Hol Camp was recently announced by the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), the political authority representing the autonomous…

Fox News – ISIS sleeper cell attacks in Syria reach record low, data shows

November marked the lowest number of ISIS attacks in 18 months